About Me

Welcome to my web site!

I'm currently a senior data scientist at Janssen's Analytics and Insights Group, where I contribute to a range of R&D endeavors to advance drug development using machine learning, computer vision, and Real World Data (RWD).

As of 2024, I have over 15 years experience designing and implementing computational solutions for collaborative modeling and simulation of neural systems, integration of biological and modeling data to enable sophisticated querying of data semantics and structure, novel signal processing algorithms, and parallel GPU computing. As an industrial researcher, I have developed new deep learning, image processing, and data analytic techniques for extracting new insights from radiology and histopathology image data, as well as machine learning solutions for various industrial applications.

My doctoral research focused on novel approaches to emulating the brain of the fruit fly. As part of my graduate work at the Bionet Lab at Columbia University, I was the key designer and principal developer of multiple, actively developed open-source scientific computing software projects in C, CUDA, Python, and MATLAB. I concurrently developed financial simulations and custom big data collection/analysis programs for researchers at Columbia's Business School.

Read more about my academic interests and my publications on this site. Software projects I have contributed to and/or are currently working on are available via this page and the GitHub site of the Bionet Group.